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 The traveling guide of Haikou

Five Officials' Temple
It lies in urban area of Haikou and borders the city of Qiong Shan. It formed by a group of ancient buildings such as Five Man's shrine, Mr Su's shrine, View Cereals hall, Study Garden hall, Five Man's House, Joan garden and so on. The Five Man Shrine is referred to as the whole. The group of building is built in Ming Dynasty during the years called WangLi(1573-1619), and it had been built up until the beginning of this century in succession.Different flowers and trees set off it. The shrine is near the downtown area, where is quite and beautiful. It is built to commemorate five famous historical officials as Li Deyu, Li Gang, Li Guang, Zhao Ding and Hu Quan who were demoted to Hainan from the two generations of Tang Dynasty, and has been built for more than one hundred years.In the shrine the stone carvings of the five men are lifelike and seem thinking. On the right of the Five Men shrine is Study Garden hall, which is the site where famous litterateur named Guo Laixiang came from Zhejiang and gave lectures, and there are the ancient culture relic of Han Dynasty such as the copper clock and the bronze drum and so on that exhibited in this hall. On the right of the Study Garden hall is Five Men's House, which was the place for the Hainan's scholars of the latter Qing Dynasty to study Confucian classics and histoty books, and in it is exhibited calligraphy and paitings of all previous dynasties. On the left of Five Officials' Temple is View Cereals hall. "View cereals" means viewing the sight of " gold floating on the well" and "thousands acres of rice paddy", the hall was named as "View Cereals hall" that is to commerate Su Dongpo who drilled a well by his hands. Mr Su's shrine is next to Five Officials' Temple, and there are a group of stele carvings with Su DongPo's poetries in it. In front of Mr Su's Hall, there are tablet lane, arched bridge, lotus pond and wind pavilion. On the east of the Five Officials' Temple is Joan garden that occupying a land area of ten Chinese acres, there are key point of interests like Floating Millet spring, Millet Spring pavilion, Wash Heart porch, Celestial Being Visited Hole and so on in it. In the tour area of Five Officials' Temple, many precious culture relics are displayed year by year, there is a tablet with handwritten letter¡¶God Clounds Yu Qing Long Life Palace's Imperial edict¡·writed by Zhao Jie-emperor Huizong in Song dynasty, the calligraphy with thin gold style is vigorous and delicate, and has important reference value to study both the taoism theory and the calligraphy. The calligraphy with ancient Tang poem writen by Hairui, a famous honest official, is very popular as well. In addition, people hold exhibition to sell specimen of butterflies and the pictures of butterfly's wings in Hainan.

Holiday Beach
It lies beside Qing Ling road on the west of Hai Kou, on the left side of the beach, there is green beefwood forest Zone where there are country clubs, guesthouses, amusement parks and so on. On the left side of the beach is the Qiongzhou channel with big waves. Many ships Shuttle in the sea in Hainan result in big ocean waves that seem very beautiful. The beach is 6 thousands long. The sunlight, water of the sea, the beach and the coconut trees form a nice contrast, and constitute one beautiful and natural picture. The Holiday Beach is divided into the sand beach area for sunlight bath, the sea area for sports, the sea area for dining culture and the sea area for leisure and vacation. And there are music with fountain square, bathing place, drink center, the room for affusion, the ecology square, the parking lot, the rink, the big cactus garden for visiting, the child activity center and so on.
"The Water World" built in the sea area for leisure and vacation is composed of the aquatic performance hall, the play water paradise, the marine club and so on. The aquatic performance hall has the construction style of ancient Roman.year to year the European and American outstanding person are invited here to perform aquatic ballet, diving from the upper air, dancing quickly on the ground, these consummate, adventruous and exciting performances make the Chinese and foreign tourists be full of praise.

Golden Cow Ridge Park
It takes up 105 hectares, and there are Golden Cow lake, comprehensive zoo, white pigeon garden, butterfly garden, bamboo plantation, betelnut garden, pineapple garden, tropical and subtropical orchard, flower garden, martyrs' cemetery, and gymnastic square in it. The afforestation rate of the area reaches 96%. And it is a scenic area with large-scale botanical garden that contains nine gardens, one lake, and one square. Its a park with green trees, fruit and flowers fluttering the fragrance, bees and butterflies flying and dancing, birds singing and monkeys shouting, the group of pigeons flying in the sky. The scenery of the park is so beautiful and special that it is a good place for visiting, and is considered as " the key point of interest in Haikou".
The entrance of the park is beside the south of the middle section of Hai Xiu Main road. A main road, one hunderand mrter long, with many flowers and trees one both side of itself, goes incessantly to the entrance of the park. You can see the Scenic Area of Golden Cow Waterfall when you enter into the garden, then you will see a large and strong shinging golden cow whose four hooves trend steadily in the top of the high stone. It heads east and looks into the distance from a high place.
A limpid current inundates the rocky mountain and flows down swiftly, hanging up a big and long water curtain for the steep rocky moutain. This is just "the golden cow waterfall", under which there are a wide ground surrounded by flower garden, green trees, the cane awning and cane wall, and it is a good place for taking photos under the waterfall. "The golden cow waterfall" is the symbol of the Golden Cow Ridge Park, and it symbolizes the spirit of the people in Haikou bravely to explore and develop, trying their best to improve the life level.

The People Park of Haikou
Its total area is more than 440 Chinese acres. It lies in the west of Haikou and faces east, and there are many trees and flowers with old trees that like large umbrellas. Looking down Haikou when you in the sky, the park is just like a green fabled abode of immortals floating from the sea of pavilions. There are East lake and West lake just in front of the park, they look like two pieces of clear and bright mirrors mounted in both two sides of the main road of the park gate. There are coconut trees around the two lakes, and the banyans are very green and its shade could block off the sunshine, so it is very cool and suitable under these trees. The east lake looks like a ellipse, in the lake there is a eyot where the pavilions are splendid in green and gold, the eyot and the main road of the garden gate are connected by the Nine Crooks bridge; The west lake looks like a gourd with short neck and its surface is broad. Whenever the moon looks bright in the sky and the wind from the coconut trees is loose, the surface of the two lakes is silver bright that forms a nice contrast with the green looses of DaYing moutain. You will be compeletly relaxed for the beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains, the moving shade of the coconut trees when go boating here. There is a monument built for the freedom of Hainan and a kiosk with the statuary of the general named Feng Baiju, the commander of Qiongya garrison in the park; Also there is a small zoo with more than 50 kinds of animals of the tropics and the subtropics; There are more than 5000 kinds of decorative plants of the the tropics and the subtropics in different branches.

The dragon gate with tubulent waves
The Dragon Gate Mountain is a rocky mountain standing erect beside the seaport, its peak is 39 meters and there are many jagged rocks on the mountain. Looking from north to south, it is grand and undulate and looks like a section of the Great Wall. On the east of the mountain there is a jar gate known as"the first gate of the south", it is more than 30 meters high and more than 20 meters wide, the center of which is spatial and Ventilative, the rock looks like arch, when the north wind raises the waves to hit the rock gate that results in big sound like drum, and the sound reverberates more than 10 miles. Therefore, it is called "The dragon gate with turbulent waves". The seacoasts that 4 kilometers from here has sand beach purely, and there are many kinds of large stones on the seashore, where the scenery is so unique that considered as the famous scenic spot of Hainan.
"The Dragon Gate with turbulent waves" acquireed fame in the Ming Dynasty, and has received the admiration from the tourists all the time. The scholar named Chen You Zhuang who was born in the former Qing Dynasty, wtited a four-line poem with seven characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme:" the rock of the Dragon Gate is cragginess, the tide is curlling the clear waves when you see far away, I ever thought the "Shu Dao", a big block in traffic, was difficult to go through, however, there are still so many steepy roads in my town". The scenery is described lovingly in the poem and it is considered as a thought-provoking poem. The dragon gate with tubulent waves is next to the develeped region of Yang Pu. With the development of Yang Pu, there are more and more tourists visiting the dragon gate with tubulent waves, which is more and more famous in the world.

Ji Gong Mountain
Entering into state-operated Hong Gang farm, there are rubber forests and pepper gardens, and it looks very green everywhere. When you look up, you can see a rugged megalith of a little big rocky mountain standing erect on the green forests, which looks like the image of Ji Gong, a half immortal and living buddha who liked governing the badness and raising the goodness. So the mountain was called "Ji Gong Mountain".
When you visit Ji Gong Mountain, you'd better watch these strange but natural rocks or stones first. Then walk along the path, go through the thick forest, and climb up the mountain from the flagstone trail. On the mountain, there is a megalith, about 6 meters high. Looking at the apperance of the megalith, you can see the askey and broken strawhat, the high bridge of the nose, the smiling eyes, the funny mouth, and a jouncy body and so on that is alike with Ji Gong completely. God creating the universe mysteriously and invincibly, there is the "Ji Gong Mountain" resembling the half-lenth profile of Ji Gong in the Hong Gang Farm of the town Chengmai, and it is very interesting. You will be amazed by the sight of all the stone scenes while walking on the mountain. There are many striaes from the top downward on a giant cliff, and the streamline is so natural that it looks like a waterfall pouring down uprightly. There is rectangular megalith with the size of a bed, and is called "the immortal bed". The stones with different apperances are everywhere, some like the monkey viewing the clouds, some like the turtle looking up the sky, some like the elephant probing head, and some like alligator crawling and so on. If you visit with care, you will find every stone be an animal or a tool or even a vessel etc.
Under the Ji Gong Mountain, there is a limpid lake named South Lake with forest belt all around. There is a small island with green forest where many birds singing on the lake. Not far from the Ji Gong Mountain, there is a hot spring with the temperature about 50 centidegree, and it contains the mineral substance that can give health care to the human body. The fountain of the lake is erupting all the year round without intermission. So it is a good hot spring to have a bath. The natural Ji Gong Mountain, the South Lake and the hot spring form the beautiful scenic area of the Ji Gong Mountain.

Crater Park
It lies in the town of Shi Shan, in the west of Qiong Shan city, 20 kilometers from Haikou. There are a group of craters of extinct volcano dated from 27000 to 1million years ago, which were formed by the volcanic explosions. The bigest one of the craters is 222.2 meters high and 90 meters deep, and it is one of the most integrated craters of extinct volcano in the world. As the crater looks like a saddle, the Saddle Mountain is another name for the crater that is the highest point in the north of Hainan. There are scores of small craters of extinct volcano around the bigest one. And there are a group of volcano grottoes underground, which is produced by the volcanic explosions and reputed as a big volcano grotto museum by the geological experts. The two volcano grottoes named Immortal and Lying Dragon are the most magnificent, though they have not been empoldered, you can enter and view the sights in both grottoes. The Immortal volcano grotto is 4 kilometers far from the Saddle Mountain, and at the entrance of the grotto, you can see a noticeable stone inscription with the words "the immortal trace in stone chamber" on the basalt. There is another grotto in the Immortal volcano grotto. In 1950s, some smooth stone implements like pitching tools were discovered when people were cleaning up the silts in the grotto where may be the site of an ancestor of human beings. The Lying Dragon volcano grotto is less than 1 kilometer far from the Immortal volcano grotto, and it is 3 kilometers long, 7 meters high, 10 meters wide, so that it could contain 10 thousands people.

Dongshan Lake tropical wildlife park
It lies in the town of Dongshan of Qiongshan, beside the Dongshan Lake that is in the middle line of Haiyu, 27 kilometers from the city of Haikou. It is a tropics zoo with the conception of imitating the wildness, and it contains protection, breeding, scientific research, and visiting as an organic whole. It takes up 1.3 square kilometers where there are the Driving watches area, walking and visiting area, the lakeside resort, service center and so on.
And the area for visiting animal is 87 hectares, in which there are rare birds , beasts of prey breeded naturally and the tropical rare or endangered animals more than 200 kinds. In the driving watches area, the tourists riding in a carriage can watch the elegant demeanor of Africa lion, tiger and black bear and so on under the natural state. Also in the walking and visiting area, the tourists can watch the Asian elephant, the giraffe, the alligator, the hippopotamus, the monitor lizard, the long python, the emu, the short horse etc. You can play with a group of monkeys in the Man-made Monkey Mountain as well. You can stroll in the Hundred Birds Garden without strut structures. And it is planed to build a tropical leisure scenic area containing the tropical orchard a trinity with good ecosystem.

The Macaque Grotto
The Macaque Grotto is a mystical and beautiful grotto of the Macaque Mountain, and it is also an unusual scenic spot in the city of Dongfan. The grotto is more than one hundred units of length deep, and the area of the grotto is more than 2,000 square meters. There are thick old trees reaching the sky such as Phoebe Zhennan, Zi Jing and greengage and so on on the ridge around the vent of the grotto. Then go through the grotto about 5 meters from the vent, you can see a stone image like an affable woman. In the front of the Macaque Grotto, there are many stone bamboo shoots and stone images with different appearances, Some of them like macaques, lions, tigers, and others like horse flying, sheep lying, and they are all lifelike.On the right of the front grotto of the Macaque Grotto, two stone images of fairy incarnation are slim and graceful, with fetching appearances. And there are two small grottos in the front grotto of the Macaque Grotto, which looks like a fane. At the center of the Macaque Grotto, there is a Great Buddha stone image whose eyes are closed tightly, siting cross-legged and grasping the rosary. In front of the Great Buddha stone image, there are a group of stone images of little monks, they are of different appearances but the same expression, starightening their clothes and siting properly while joining the palms to patter. Behind the Great Buddha stone image, there is an unusual stele like an ancient clock. The ancient clock will make a vigorous sound when hit hard with hand, and the residual sound wreathes for a long time. The area of the grotto hall in the back of the Macaque Grotto is bigger, where can hold more than one thousand people and there are shiny and dazzling stalactites and stone curtains everywhere.
The Macaque Grotto is inborn, and has been famous since several years ago, and its unusual and beautiful landscape makes the tourists forget to go back home.

Deer Farm of Hainan
Taking the bus driving from the city of Qiongshan to the town of Lingshan 2 kilometers far away, you can get to Deer Farm of Hainan which is surrounded by green trees and grass everywhere. There are a big group of Hainan sambars, and northeast sikas, Yunnan sweet deer and so on with the total nearly 600 in the field where is a large field of feeding deer. The field is broad, with beautiful scenery, the trees are wonderfully green, flowers and fruits are seen year to year without intermission in the field where is the paradise for Hainan sambars, sikas and so on growing and producing. The tourists can enter the field, and give the deer food to attact a group of deer coming so that they can daut the big deer or small deer for group photoes, and it is very interesting.

The High Mountain Ridge
On The High Mountain Ridge, The rocks are of different apperances, the trees are wonderfully green, the wild flowers permeating the air, and they are live all the year round here. The trails of the mountain are zigzag, the forests have big shades, the scenes of rocks are all different, you will be interested in all the sights when you climbing up the mountain. There are three never dry lake called Thousands Mirror Lake, Weng Ang Lake, Ringdove Pond. Though the water sufaces of the three lakes are not so big, they are clean as mirrors and are shining in the sunlight, which look like three pure white jaspers enchased on the High Mountain Ridge and make the scene of the mountain more beautiful. In the grottoes or the thick forests, there are the mountain tortoise, the pangolin, the frog, the lizard, Huang Jing, the leopard cat, the hare, the silkie, the turtledove, the owl, the Chinese francolin, the snake and so on several dozens kinds of wild animals. When in the early morning, the beasts cry and the birds sing, which add vital vorces and jollifications to the mountain. There are three historic sites: "The Stele Of The Sanscrit Of Pi Ye" carved by the master of Indian Brahmanism named Pi Ye who came here in the Western Han Dynasty; "The Holy Stone of Pi Ye" appearing in Han Dynasty when a person, born in Qingzhou, whose family name was Wang, moved here; "The High Mountain Fane"which was built in 1314 AD. The three historic sites provide precious materials in kind to the history research of the town of Lingao in Hainan province, and add interests of contents to the tour in the mountain.

Songtao Reservoir
It is a pond of the high mountain and is reputed as"The Bright Phearl of Valuable Island". It had been built for 10 years since 1958, which is one of the largest-scale earth dam projects in China. The main dam, 80.1 meters high and 760 meters long, holds up the water of Nan Du river in South China Sea and the rivervalley of Fanjia Sea. In the reservoir, the water surface area is 130 square kilometers, and there are more than 100 islands. Surrounded by muntains proliferated the luxuriant virgin forest, the reservoir is broad. The sight of the Reservoir Leisure Area Goes By Boat is the most popular, while boating on the green waves, you can see meandering mountains, the old trees reaching the sky, quite and green lake,
and the fishing boats appearing intermittently.
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