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Haikou Hotels
  Haikou Meishi Mayflower Golf Resort
  Hainan Junhua Haiyi Hotel(Formerly Meritus Mandarin Haikou)
  Huandao Tide Hotel, Haikou
  Jiakai Crown Hotel, Haikou
  Hainai Huangma Holiday Hotel - Haikou
  Golden Sea View Hotel, Haikou
  Haikou Goldenbay hotel

 The general situation of Haikou

Haikou is not only the captical of Hainan province, but also is the political, economic and cultural centre of it.
Its position is latitude 19°57'04"-20°05'11", degrees north, longitude 110°10'18" -110°23'05" degrees east, and is in the north of Hainan Dao. It faces Qiongzhou strait on the north, and acrosses 18 sea miles opposite continent. It faces the sea on the northwest, its east is on the Nandu river accross from the city of Qiongshan;Its south and southwest border the city of qiongshan and the town of Chengmai respectively.
The land of Haikou is from Pandong(the east) to Fengnan(the west) 25 kilometers away from each other.And its south is from Cangxi,its north ( the sea)is 15 kilometers from Cangxi. The girth of its border is 84.75 kilometers, its total area is 244.55 squrekilometers, its total sea area is 530 square kilometers. The planning of its total area is 1127 squre kilometers. The built up area of the city is 34 squre kilometers. Haikou is a city beside the sea, its geologic framework mainly contains both the old and new sediments .Its terrain is mainly plain beside the sea. Its geographic features is low and flat, and its south is higher than north.
Haikou is in the north of topical area in low latitudes. It is an area of tropical monsoon climate. Its annual mean temperature is 23.8 centidegree. Its maximum mean minimum is 28.0 centidegree, and its lowest mean temperature of air is 18.8 centidegree. And its frost -free period is 346 days without ice or snow per year.
The averge of daylight hour is 2225.5 hours per year. Haikou is in the tropical area beside the sea, and has many kinds of tropical resources. Of course it abounds in
natural scenery of seashore.
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