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Haikou Hotels
  Haikou Meishi Mayflower Golf Resort
  Hainan Junhua Haiyi Hotel(Formerly Meritus Mandarin Haikou)
  Huandao Tide Hotel, Haikou
  Jiakai Crown Hotel, Haikou
  Hainai Huangma Holiday Hotel - Haikou
  Golden Sea View Hotel, Haikou
  Haikou Goldenbay hotel

 Food of Haikou

The caritas road was famous for its nosh, but there are shops with fine fitments, so the traditional nosh is not the most important operation to run; the very famous street with GoldDragons fine food run mostly out-of-town dish. If you want to have the traditional nosh of Haikou, you can search for it in Yiying Road, or in the bamboo forest of Western Paradise Temple district and the West of Xinmin Road. The right time to Western Paradise Temple is after noon; The right time to the West of Xinmin Road is in the morning, as it is busy at about 4:00am, where the nosh for breakfast are mainly sold.

The introduces of some special features snack

Mutton buttoned tor
Do with the speciality product-tor's mutton that near the orifice of ejection of the Saddle Mountain as material, served with some kinds of fragrance and flavour materials, then it is made by rolling, frying,braizing,buttoning and so on. It is most delishious when eaten beside the orifice of ejection. It tastes best if it produced from the wine village of Liwan.

The roll seafood of Jin Hua
It is special seafood, made of prawns and kelp as the main materials, with Jin Hua ham and vegetables. It is made with meat and vegetables, so it tastes very refreshing.

Dongjiang Baked salted chicken
It is new and special in Hainan, and it is made with the young pilose antlers of coconuts added to flavour material, according to the cooking theory of "Baked salted chicken in Dongjiang' chicken".

Four treasure with crab pincers of Hainan
It is traditional dish of Hainan, and its main material is crab pincers, with the legs of frogs, fish ball, ball like light, mock pakchoi sauted with bamboo shoot. It is very spicy and nice.

Dragons play with one ball
It is golden, beautiful, crisp, spicy, and delicious.

Four treasure with bean curd of Qiong Shan
It is traditional dish of Hainan, Qiong Shan, a placename of Hainan (now is the city of Qiong Shan), abuts the capital of Hainan. "Bean curd" is not really product made of beans, but egg white infused in boiled water, it looks like the soup of bean curd, and looks white, tender and slithery. If it is added " four treasure", it will be very nice.

Porket of Lingao
It is the most famous food in Hainan, the Porket that has been baked completely looks a little toast tan and shiny, lying down with bowlegs, and it is very spicy.It will be open once ripped lightly, and you can see fair-complexioned pork that is very tender, slithery, crisp and spicy.

Fish eating on the port
First, go to fetch one live catfish weighed up about 0.6 kilos for each person, and ripping them at once, then put them into a large marmite, at last put ginger slices, garlic, bamboo shoot, the peduncles of taro, swamp cabbage, Bean curd, lobster sauce and so on into the large marmite. When the catfishes are cooked, their soup

is very delicious.
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