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 The Festival celebration of Haikou

Coconut Festival
Hainan Island is also called " the coconut palm island ", the coco is a symbol in Hainan. In the last ten days of every March or the first ten days of April, Haikou should hold the festival of international coconuts of Hainan. It is an international cultural festival celebration of large-scale business travel, it contains travel, culture, folk custom, sports, economic and trade in an organic whole, regarding coconut palm culture in Hainan and Li Miao's " the third of March " folk custom as the main characteristic.
The festival of the coconut is the largest and most influential local festival celebration activity of Hainan, attracting the internal and external tourists of numerous countries.

JunPo Festival
It is a folk activity held for commemorating Mrs Xian in Liang Dynasty of The Northern and Southern Dynasties.
Mrs Xian was the wife of Gaoliang' procurator named Fen Bao of Liang Dynasty in all kinds of historical dates record or the legend. She was a remarkable politician and military strategist, and was quite wise. She reported to the emperor called Liang Wu Di in Chinese to set up the precipice state and resume real governance to Hainan Island. She presided over the government affairs of Hainan. Because of her contribution Hainan had got very great development. In order to commermorate her, the people in Hainan have set up more than 100 temples on the whole island.
The time of holding the festival is from the sixth day to the twelfth of the second lunar month lasting seven days. It is said that Mrs Xian and her husband Fen bao had ever leaded the army to stay in the JunPo town of Haikou, and put down a rebellion during the time that from the sixth day to the twelfth of the second lunar month that year. So the people hold many kinds of performances to commermorate her during the period every year, which has last for 1300 years. The bigger Temples of JunPo are Old Woman of Liang Sha JunPo and Wanning Dragon Rolling Taro JunPo.
JunPo Festival is divided into two sections: "old man issue" and " old woman issue ", local people will prepare agricultural products such as taro, scallion, mulberry leaf and so on when the festival is coming. Then they select one larger place in village, and imitate Mrs. Xi collecting the army, reading the army, and sending the army to perform as the soldiers. The scene is grand. There are also local and special products that are sold at the meeting in festival at the same time.
In 2002, the JunPo Festival is renamed as " the cultural festival of Mrs Xian ", and
becomes a large-scale tourist activity of Haikou.
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